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Technical University of Ilmenau

Faculty for computer science and automation
Institut for theoretical and technical computer science
Field of activity for software systems/process computer science

Thesis (diploma) for the acquisition of the academic degree
'' Diploma Economics information ''

Analysis and development are based
Configuration of a software computer family as Linux
LiveCD in the context digital video of the project

Submitted at the faculty for computer science and automation that
Technical University of Ilmenau of
Katharina mountain
Born on 06 February 1981 in Zeulenroda
Register 99
Register number 29709
Caring for university teacher: Professor Dr. - engineer having IL Ilka Phillipow
Responsible person: Dr. - engineer Detlef Streitferdt
Beginning of the thesis (diploma): 01. February 2005
Delivery of the thesis (diploma): 01. August 2005

Table of contents

Abbreviation listing

Thank saying

Edited version

1 introduction

1.1 the subject of the work and problem definition

1.2 objective

1.3 proceeding and structure of the work

2 bases and introduction

2.1 the DVP project to DO Ilmenau

2.1.1 conception of the project

2.1.2 the FORE model

2,2 liveCD of projects

2.2.1 existing liveCD of projects under Linux Knoppix 3.9 Kanotix 2005-03

2.2.2 liveCD of projects under Windows Microsoft Windows PE beard PE

2.3 digital television

2.3.1 digital television in the living room

2.3.2 digital television at the PC

2,4 software projects for digital television

2.4.1 Linux based of projects the VDR project

2.4.2 Windows based of projects

3 configuration options of software

3.1 general introduction

3.1.1 expiration of the software development process

3.1.2 concepts of the computer family development

3.1.3 integration of the concepts into the software development process

3.2 software engineering concepts for the configuration of computer families

3.2.1 introduction into the development of computer families

3.2.2 programming paradigms Generative programming aspect-oriented programming

3.2.3 layer architectures GenVoca Plugins

3.2.4 programming concepts draft sample Polymorphismus

3.2.5 component architectures COM/ActiveX of Microsoft JavaBeans of Sun CORBA of OMG

3.3 configuration in the current operating system

3.3.1 Windows description of the concepts evaluation of the concepts

3.3.2 Linux description of the concepts evaluation of the concepts

3.4 results of the analysis of configuration concepts

3.4.1 summary of the results

3.4.2 results for the configuration of the VDR software

4 example in the context of the DVP project

4.1 actual state analysis and domain knowledge

4.1.1 description that CD

4.1.2 zones of contact boat procedure the Web surface the program code integration of new Plugins

4.2 target concept: Possible changes

4.2.1 changes on code level

4.2.2 changes on sides of the Web menu

4.3 summary of the results

5 summary and view

5.1 summary and locking remarks

5.2 view


Appendix A: To structure of the DVP project to DO Ilmenau

Appendix B: Characteristic model of the DVP after FORE

Appendix C: Plugins for VDR (conditions 01.07.2005)




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